Thread Magazine Selected photo
Winning photo for Thread Magazines action sports photography contest
Will Hillbs over the 'Whales Tales' located in Vermont
Will Hibbs
LJ Strenio testing the speed from the snowmobile tow in
LJ Strenio
Sequence of LJ going over the 'Whales Tale'
Side angle of the 'Whales Tale' with LJ Strenio
LJ Strenio
Early evening in Vermont as sun starts to set around 3:30
LJ Strenio
The 'Whales Tale'
LJ Strenio
Ross Imburgia going over the 'Whales Tale' in Vermont
Ross Imburgia
Sequence shot of Ross Imburgia over the 'Whales Tale' in Vermont
Ross Imburgia
How to get speed on a flat hill
Wayno – stoping to pose after pulling the athletes in along interest 89.

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