Logo Design / Branding

Treefort Lifestyles was created with the intention of making the little things in your everyday life better. The company aims to look at lifestyle products from a higher perspective, much like a treefort. Too often people accept things the way they are.
Treefort Lifestyles approaches products by redesigning features to function where existing products fall short.
If you have any questions: orders@treefortlifestyles.com – treefortlifestyles.com
Treefort e-commerce website design utilizing custom .liquid code using shopify CMS
Website design for Treefort Lifestyles
Logo design for Treefort Lifestyles
Logo design for Treefort Lifestyles
The Treefort Lifestyles logo has made it all over the globe
Custom Skis designed for a Treefort Lifestyles giveaway
LTD Edition Treefort Lifestyles Co-lab with Caravan Skis
Packaging for 'The Jackson" wallet by Treefort Lifestyles
Label design for Treefort Lifestyles wallet
Packaging for Treefort Lifestyle products - bi-fold
The Travelers Trunk retail packaging | treefortlifestyles.com | @treefortlifestyles
A sampe of the Treefort Lifestyle logo on customers
Digital illustration with 'Family Tree' members
Sprite animation utilizing .css 
Displayed on product pages indicating products origin. Made in U.S.A

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