The future of print design.
"The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern commander."
 T. E. Lawrence
From Off-set printing to silk-screening the ability to create a physical object still holds power as we become increasingly reliant on the digital infrastructure. Print media is tangible, portable and moldable giving a genuine experience.  
The Dupont Brothers Cd and Vinyl album artwork
CD & Vinly packaging design for Zack duPonts bands
The DuPont Brothers – Heavy as Lead album artwork design
The Dupont Brothers – CD Packaging
Annie Sea – CD Packaging
Single Wheel wine label and packaging – Logo, layout, marketing – Menu layout
Piecasso staff t-shirt design inspired by Picasso - Style 1
Piecasso staff t-shirt design inspired by Picasso - Style 2
Piecasso Pizzeria // Design & pre-production silk-screen t-shirt art
West Coast Sessions marketing material including, silk screened illustration, poster, face-mask and tote
West Coast Sessions // Marketing material
West Coast Sessions Buff Facemask designs
West Coast Sessions Buff Facemask  design
 Lifestyle photo by Jamie Walters
Treefort Lifestyles product packaging
Treefort Lifestyles // Packaging design
A variety of different products I have designed over the years
Marketing material
Elements Athletics A-frame and store signage
Variety of commercial cmyk print ads
Variety of print ads
Bi-fold layout design
Echo Museum // Marketing material, brochures, rack cards and newsprint ads
Print ad mockups
Newspaper & magazine layout prepress
Nesletter Mailer for the Green Mountain Club in Vermont
Green Mountain Club newsletter design
Green Mountain Club // Marketing Material - Newsletters, Brochures, Production Layout
Tri-fold brochure design for local Hardware store
Johnson Farm & Garden //  Brochure design
A variety of original logo designs
Poster Series for Stowe Mountain Resort
Dark Forest Logo for leather business @darkforestusa
Working on line thickness for branding leather elements.
Dark Forest leather products made in Mt. Hood, Oregon
Logo design for Dark Forest USA – Leather goods made in Mt. Hood, Oregon – see more at: @darkforestusa

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