'Phone' Pen and Ink 8x10 inch
Telephone // Pen & ink 8 x 10"
Forest illustration done in Adobe Illustrator
Digital illustration for Treefort Lifestyles
Dual poster design 11x17 silk-screened 1-color
Digital illustration for 2-Night concert
'Tapes' Pen and Ink 8x10 inches
Tapes // Pen & ink 8 x 10"
Tree Root Illustration - Adobe Illustrator
Digital illustration for Treefort Lifestyles
Pen drawing and poster design for The Zack Dupont Vand
Poster illustration for Zack duPont
Illustration od Zack Du
Detail of Zack duPont
Pen and Ink drawing of Pat Melvin
Detail of Pat Melvin
Pat Melvin and Zack DuPont illustration - Pen and Ink
Pen & ink illustration of Zack duPont and Pat Melvin
-Snakes in the grass' 40x66 inches Pen and Ink - Framed
Snakes in the Grass // Pen & Ink 40 x 66" framed
T-shirt design for Ski academy 'Skifuture' Digital Illustration
Map illustration for back of sweat-shirt
Mixed Media collage - Nas
Mixed medium collage of NAS
Wild Hare Drum School logo design
Digital illustration for Wild Hare Drum School
Robot character for Coffee company
Robot illustration for Weird Portland Robo Coffee shop
T-shirt illustration for local Apothecary
Digital illustration for Home Grown Apothecary
Illustration for Ski contest including t-shirt, poster and other marketing material
2-color Ddigital illustration for West Coast Sessions 10 co-lab with Big Picture Clothing
T-shirt illustration for local pizza business
Digital illustration for local restaurant
Pen and Ink illustration of birds from Vermont
Birds of Vermont // Pen & Ink 4 x 4"
Pen and Ink submission for Artist Grant
Cows // Pen & Ink concept drawings for design contest 8 x 10"
Pen and Ink illustration of a radio
Radio // Pen & Ink 8 x 10"
Mixed-media abstract illustration
Pen & Ink with paper stain 8 x 10"
Ronald Mcdonald

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