On display at The Kennedy Center from Sept. 4th - 13th, 2015. 4 skate decks with a continuous image transcending from one to the other for a silent auction raising money to bring skateboard equipment and education to Cuba. Take a look at the initiative www.skatingforpeace.org - To bring skate gear and create opportunities to the underserved skaters around the world, as well as encourage skaters of all nationalities to engage with each other on this shared passion.
Cuba Skate - 4 part Illustration
Digital illustration for skateboard design
Time-lapse of creating the first set of 4 boards
Time-lapse of creating the second set of boards a few years later
Cuba skate illustration
Digital illustration in full approx. 50 x 60"
Sample photos for base illustration
I worked off these 2 photos that I have mocked up to create the artwork for the four boards.
Testing spray paint and vinyl sticker application on the skateboards
Testing the vinyl application to create the design
Paint colors and options
Vinly and paint test
Boards on display at the Kennedy Center
Boards on display at the Kennedy Center // Press: thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/the-kennedy-center-finally-gets-a-skatepark
Artwork breakout for vinyl printing and inspiration for the 'cuba' text from Buena Vista Social Club album artwork
Art broken down for vinyl die-cutting. I put a base coat of blue paint down applied the vinyl. Next a second coat of paint this time yellow & then removed the stencil. Inspiration from a great record, I applied the stamp to cross the four boards and read 'Cuba' when display next to each other.

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